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মিন্সের, পুর্বে, চর্ম লক্ষণ বৃদ্ধি হয় Murphy, SKIN, MENSES, before, agg. the skin (12)

Source: Murphy – Skin
Rubric: MENSES, before, agg. the skin (12)
Medicine: 1 bor, 1 carb-v, 2 dulc, 2 graph, 1 kali-c, 1 mag-m, 2 nat-m, 1 sang, 1 sars, 2 sep, 1 stram, 1 verat

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M.D (AMCC, Kolkata, India) M.M (B.M.E.B) D.H.M.S (B.H.B)

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