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‘Clinical Observations of Children Remedies’ is thoroughly a book based on years of clinical experience of an eminent homeopath who has been constantly contributing to the fraternity with his outstanding artifices which are extremely relevant to the system. There is a detailed description of seventy-six remedies whose relevance has been clinically observed and verified by the author himself. All the symptoms have been extracted from the psychoanalysis of children, family, state of mind of mother during pregnancy, labour, lactation etc.


The book Clinical Observations of Childrens Remedies is the outcome of 23 years of experience of Dr Farokh J. Master. The symptoms in this book are not like a standard materia medica based on proving but they are based purely on experience and clinical observation of the author. 76 remedies are discussed in detail in this book. Each remedy is divided under two main heads; identifying features and other important symptoms which inturn are divided into mental and physical symptoms. Mental symptoms are put under identifying features as it is easy to understand a child by his striking mental traits. These symptoms are extracted from the psycho analysis of children, family pattern, state of mind of mother during pregnancy, labor lactation etc. other important symptoms contain clinical and pathological data including physical examination and investigatory findings. The symptoms in bold are Keynote symptoms, that is, they identify only that remedy and not any other remedy.
Pages 758
Authors Master, Farokh J
Format Paperback
Language English
Imprint B.Jain Regular

Dr. Farokh J. Master’s birth into homeopathy was in the year 1976, when he joined Bombay homeopathic medical college, after giving up his studies at the orthodox school of medicine. In December 1979, Dr. Master passed his LCEH examination, 1st class in all the subjects in all the years getting the most coveted silver as well as gold medal. He was also honored by the then Governor of Maharashtra for an outstanding medical career.

Dr Master was instrumental in starting homeopathic out-patient dept in many allopathic hospitals viz. Bombay Hospital, KEM Hospital & Ruby Hall, Pune. Besides his work as a senior Homeopath of the HHC, Dr. Farokh Master is teaching homeopathy (advanced level) at the Mumbai Homeopathic Medical College, part of Mumbai university. He is also teaching at other homeopathic colleges in India and abroad. He has given seminars in various countries like Austria, Australia, India, Japan etc.

Dr Master has written more than 50 books e.g. – The Homeopathic Dream Dictionary, Cross References of the Mind, Perceiving Rubrics of the Mind, The State of Mind affecting the Foetus, Tumors and Homeopathy, The Bedside Organon of Medicine, The proving of Mocassin Snake, Bungarus, etc.

Dr. Master is the originator of many recent new approaches and insights in homoeopathy. Although these ideas can often be very helpful to find the correct remedy in certain cases, he underlines the fact that, to have success, no one can do without a thorough understanding of traditional homeopathic philosophy and an extensive materia medica study.


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