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Prostate enlargement is one of the most common problems among men in their old age. It develops as a result of dietary, environmental and hereditary factors. Treatment can be most successful if the condition is found early. Here is a book which helps in understanding and detecting the problem at an early age. The book also suggests many dietary advices and alternative therapies, which can be useful if one does not want to go for surgery or in cases where surgery is not advisable. Your self-help guide for prostate.

Highlights of the Book:

. Causes, signs & symptoms of prostate enlargement
. Cancer of prostate gland
. Care & cure of prostate cancer
. Yoga
. Acupressure
. Magnetotherapy
. Homeopathy
. Also includes Ayurveda, naturopathy & diet


Prostate is a King gland because queens do not have it. It is a proprietary providence of male’s prowess to be called a ‘Purash’. That is why it is called ‘Porush or Purasth Granthi’ in Hindi. Prostate is a symbolic pride depicting youth. When youth is gone, prostate also gets old, wrinkled, enlarged and even diseased.

Pages 202
Authors Dua, Shiv
Format Paperback
Language English
Imprint B.Jain Large Print

Dr Shiv Dua, MA, DI Hom (London) is a well known name in the literary circles of homeopathy. He is a member of Delhi Homeopathic medical association and is on the editorial board of homeopathic Sandesh. He has written over 50 homeopathic articles for leading newspapers. He is a contributor of homeopathic articles for homeopathic magazines like Hahnemann Homoeo Sandesh and Vital informers. His eight books have been published and all are best seller and well accepted by the readers. Dr Shiv Dua: “Right from childhood I worked with my homoeopath father and had interest in homoeopathy that I continued even in jungles where my service in GSI demanded. I served the villagers with medical aid. In the solitude of my tents, I started writing on homoeopathy based upon my experience with patients. This I am still trying to achieve the best.” writing articles and books in homoeopathy self address February 1970 – Present (46 years 7 months) Practicing homoeopathy Doctor Many charitable institutes including Lions club December 1997 – December 2007 (10 years 1 month) Driller connected with earth science Geological Survey of India July 1961 – October 1997 (36 years 4 months) His books: The Miasms – A Discussion and Summary with Emphasis on Carcinosinum: the Cancer Miasm Practitioner’s Guide to Gall Bladder Stones and Kidney Stones Manage & Cure Neck Pain – Cervical Spondylosis Know & Solve Thyroid Problems ( The Homeopathic & the Natural Way) Constitutional Remedies Through Interesting Short Stories Homeopathic Self Healing Guide – for Beginners Nail Care – A Complete Solution to Your Nail Problems Hair Care – A Complete Solution to Your Hair Problems King Gland Prostate – Know Care and Cure.


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